Certified Renewable Energy

ECarbon operates in the renewable energy certificate market advising and consulting for the accreditation, account management and marketing of Renewable Energy Certificates on the I-REC Service platform. All our activities strictly follow the standards and regulations established by the I-REC Standard and the local issuing body (Totum Institute), as well as to the requirements of the EKOenergy Seal. We act on two fronts: in the generation of energy by providing consultancy to enterprises or devices for the production of renewable energy and, at the other end, serving the consumers of energy interested in consuming certified renewable energy, with guarantee of origin, traceability and accounting of zero carbon.


Certification of I-REC and REC Brazil Projects

ECarbon provides technical advice for the certification of renewable energy projects following the I-REC Service and REC Brazil standards. We provide advice on the entire process of documentation, accreditation and registration of the developments on the I-REC Service platform, enabling the venture to market certified renewable energy. As ECarbon already has a qualified and approved business account as a Registrant and Participant in the international platform I-REC Service, the entire adhesion process becomes more agile and simplified. In this case, it is not required from the entrepreneur any type of contract or registration to issue or operate the international electronic platform I-REC Service.

Applicable to Centralized Generation Plants (GC), including wind farms, large hydroelectric plants (HPPs) and large solar photovoltaic plants.

Applicable to Distributed Generation Plants (GD: 1-5 MWp), including photovoltaic plants, biomass production plants and small hydroelectric plants (PCH).


Business Account Management I-REC Service

ECarbon provides advice for the full management of the I-REC account of the certified enterprises, and may play the role of a Registrant and / or Participant company. The scope includes the entire process of issuance, transaction and retirement of the Certificates to the account of the interested consumers, whether they are ECarbon customers or clients indicated by the companies and partners themselves.


Trading of Renewable Energy Certificates

ECarbon conducts the commercial process of selling the Certificates, including: active prospecting of clients; issuance, transaction and retirement of the Certificates using the electronic platform I-REC; delivery of the International Certificate to final energy consumers; development of standard I-REC contracts; sale intermediation; negotiation with client; and purchase closing. The commercial operation of the Certificates can occur in two ways: 1) Certificates are sold separately from the physical energy and as exclusive products; or 2) Certificates are marketed together with the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), characterizing a "PPA Green", which is a very common practice in Europe and in the United States and aimed at customers with sustainability policies and goals.